Information Superhighway

Information Superhighway


After becoming a mother and much thought, I can honestly say that Vint Cerf did not invent the Internet.

Mothers did.

Since I became a mom my life has been a 24 hour a day 7 day a week easily accessible flow of information for my children.

Some of it is unsolicited pop-ups:

“Don’t Touch!”  “Be Nice!” “Good Job!”

Some of it queried by:

“Why?” “How come?” “What?”

I swear “goo goo goo” was origination of “Google”

For the most part we answer our children’s inquiries; honestly and appropriately.

We teach them “how tos’ and the “how comes” and the “whys”.

Until that fateful day when you get your first error message:

HTTP: 440 File Not Found

The file you requested cannot be located

I remember my first error message.

My son was seven years old. And like any seven year old he loved the beach.

The waves knocking him around as he fights imaginary bad guys in the surf.

He kicked and punched them feverishly

Sometimes, they got by him and they crashed on his sandcastles.

Sometimes he saved the day.

I called him out of the water and said it was time to go.

His damp skin was getting goose flesh warding off the cool sea breeze.

“Look Mom!” He said, “My skin gets bumpy like a super power.” He said as

He threw on his towel on like a cape.

I put my shirt on.

A shirt with a Gay Pride symbol on it that said, “We’re everywhere. Get over it.”

He said, “No, Mommy. Not that shirt.”

“What if someone here doesn’t like you and they hurt you?” He asked.

And he stared at me.

And I froze.


The file you requested could not be located

I wanted to say: “Oh no. No one will hurt me, honey.”

But he would know it was a lie.

He already knew those bad guys he fended off in the waves are real.

He already knew that there’s always a calm before the storm.

That even your closest friends can become foes very quickly and that like the surf, hatred starts as a ripple and crashes on you like a tsunami.

He already knew that the undertow of ignorance is strong and it pulls you in when you least expect it and leaves you struggling to stay afloat fighting to reach somewhere your feet can touch the safety of solid ground.

And he knew he couldn’t build sandcastles to protect us.

And he knew he couldn’t hold back tsunamis.

And he knew he couldn’t fly with his towel cape to escape the people who offered him a bite out of that hateful apple and showed him the true evil of prejudice, which had now slithered its way into his heart and made itself known.

And we stood there.



The file you requested could not be located.

You see that’s how I really know that Moms invented the Internet.

Because of times like these when you don’t have the answers

When your file can not be found

like a band aid at the bottom of a purse

When the the requested information can not be located as simply as the tap dance around “Mommy? Where do babies come from?”

You need a back up plan only the internet can give

Control Alt Delete.


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